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Mogra Mission ClassroomIn Nairobi, Kenya, there is a group of people who dedicate their endless time, resources and efforts to care for and uplift children and families that are in the poverty stricken area of the Mathare slums. This is Mogra Mission. This amazing group is headed by Hannah and David Wairimu. Hannah and David both began as children in poverty near Nairobi. Through the years, they have donated much time and money to the aid of orphaned and poverty stricken children in and around Nairobi. The journey began with Hannah and David taking some homeless children into their own home and giving them a safe place to sleep and food as well as the knowledge that each of these precious children was dearly loved by their heavenly father. Soon they had so many children staying with them that there was literally no more room for them to sleep, even on the floors of their small home. During that same time period there was severe civil unrest in Nairobi due to some political upheaval and elections. During the riots that ensued, Hannah and David’s son-in-law was killed. They decided that it was no longer safe for the children in the Mathare slums. They purchased a piece of land outside of the slum district and began to build the Mogra Orphanage. Mogra is named after Hannah and David’s own two children as a tribute to them.

Building the orphanage has been a slow process and has happened in stages. The orphanage now has over 300 children, over 50 of which are less than 2 years old. The children at the orphanage are provided with the essentials of life, the most important of which is a relationship with God that is nurtured daily. That relationship is the most powerful weapon that they have to fight their way out of poverty and into true prosperity.

In addition to everything else, the children are given an education that they could not get anywhere else. In addition to the work that they are doing at Mogra Orphanage, Hannah and David have two other endeavors. The first of these is the Mogra Star Academy. The Academy was founded in 1999 to give orphans and single mothers some much needed assistance with education as well as with food and other assistance. The key assignment was to create a safe place for children to stay and learn while mothers went to look for jobs. The approximately 1200 children that attend the private Mogra Star Academy receive not only a top notch education, but also two meals a day. Attendance at the school as well as test scores increase when the children are being fed each day. For many of these children, the food they get at the school is the only food they will eat each day. The education that they receive at the school is often their ticket out of the slums and is also a ticket out for their families and siblings. One child that can graduate high school and go on to get a good job can pull his or her entire family out of poverty.

Hannah and David have also founded a church in the heart of the Mathare slums. Faith Believer’s Gospel Ministry is truly a light in the darkness. It gives the local people a place to learn about and worship God in a positive and clean environment. Hannah preaches at the Faith Believer’s Gospel Ministry as well as many guest pastors and other worship leaders.

The Mogra Mission:

To see that orphans and children from poverty stricken families are not segregated, but have access to basic human needs and quality education.

To help them become citizens with integrity, pride and the ability to lift up their communities.

To provide solace, food and shelter to impoverished children.

To give our love and social support to single parents.

You can help the children in the orphanage and the school and become part of the team that is caring for and nurturing these precious children.

We Need Your Help!

Our mission is to raise financial funds, awareness of needs, and prayer support for Mogra Children’s Center in the Mathare Slum, Nairobi, Kenya.

Mogra, a children’s orphanage, is housing over 300 children. The Church is in the heart of the Mathare Slum District. The Academy is nearby with around 1,200 students. The costs to provide these children with food, education, safe and secure surroundings is more than we can bear on our own. That’s why we need your help. Please, partner with us in our mission to support these children through the Mogra Orphanage, the Mogra Star Academy and the Faith Believer’s Gospel Ministry. In this partnership, you can help to support these precious children spiritually, mentally and physically. You can be the one that gives them what they need to rise out of the poverty that they are in.

Mogra Mission needs your help. You can help by giving generously through the Pushpay account of our partner church, River Crossing. Please follow this link and select from the Fund drop-down menu MOGRA Kenya Missions.