Food for 1,200 Children

What are we seeking?

$60,000 per year or 7-cents per meal per child twice a day, 1,200 students = $5,000 per month.

How is the money used?

We are seeking funds, awareness, and prayer requests to feed around 1,200 children two meals per day.

These pots of beans and corn feed the 1,200 students. Recently, the school had to cut back from two of these pots to just one. This is largely due to increasing food costs in Kenya due to drought.

Mogra Star Academy has seen dramatic improvement in student performance and test scores, as well as attendance numbers, when the children are being fed. Often times, the only meals the children receive daily are from the school. When students are no longer being fed, they are often encouraged to work or find valuables from the landfill to sustain the family. All students who belong to the Orphanage attend school at Mogra Star Academy.

What is the Need?

Currently, teachers and staff are going underpaid from their salaries, high school students are skipping meals so the younger children can eat, and the portions have been cut in half. Any support to Mogra will free up resources to be used as needed.

More Information

On 10 February the Government declared a national drought emergency, with 23 of 47 counties affected. The number of food insecure people more than doubled – from 1.3 million to 2.7 million. Some 357,285 children and pregnant and lactating mothers are acutely malnourished. The latest nutrition surveys show that three sub-counties (Turkana North, North Hor (Marsabit), Mandera) have GAM rates above 30 per cent. Six sub-counties (Turkana Central, Turkana South, Turkana West, Laisamis, East Pokot (Baringo), Isiolo) have GAM rates between 15 and 29 per cent.

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Kenya needs to brace itself for worsening drought in 2017, the United Nations said, using a new early warning system that predicts the availability of forage for animals in the country’s arid livestock-dependent north.

People and animals’ lives are at risk because they have not had a chance to recover from drought in 2014 as rains were also poor in 2015 and 2016, the U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) said.

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Mogra Mission needs your help now. You can help by giving generously through the Pushpay account of our partner church, River Crossing. Please follow this link and select from the Fund drop-down menu MOGRA Kenya Missions.